Article Review 4

In another Fast Company Design article titled “A Comic Sans for the 21st Century,” John Palvus highlights the introduction of a new typeface, Inkwell, created by Jonathan Hoefler. Palvus catalogs its creation through quotes from Hoefler and explains both the motivation behind the design of Inkwell and the typeface’s primary purpose–essentially to be a modernized, more accessible (and less ridiculed) version of Comic Sans, the classic felt marker-esque font.

What I personally appreciate about Inkwell is its range–having various weights, both serif and sans, and even a blackletter makes it easier for a casual user to create a more unified look without being monotonous. As Hoefler said in relation to Comic Sans, “Designers don’t like it, but humans do.”

I still don’t think I would call this font particularly “professional,” but in the age of popularized lettering through Pintrest and other similar avenues, a typeface that evokes the same playful nature while having a wide enough range to not become as overly recognizable as Comic Sans increases usability and certainly has a welcome place in the sphere.



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